Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Best Friend's Wedding

May 6, 2017 my beautiful best friend and her husband sealed the deal. Megan has had my back for the past 4 years (it feels more like 22 years) , and it was such a pleasure to be part of their special day.

Megan and I met back in 2013 at Utah State as just baby Freshmen. Megan's older brother Jeff was in my ward and we were really close. Jeff told me he had a sister my age who was also attending Utah State. Unfortunately I didn't meet Megan until the last couple of months of the semester. Megan was in my mission prep class, we both had received our mission calls around the same time and were preparing to leave in the summer. We casually chatted in mission prep but one day we decided to go get frozen yogurt one night. We went to Cherry Berry and became instant friends. Megan always talked about how she really needed me at that time, but I don't think she'll ever know that I needed her just as much. After yogurt we decided to make tacos (which still occurs frequently haha) and watch the Last Song, who doesn't love a cheesy Nicholas Sparks movie am I right?  And we talked for hours and hours about our lives. Megan is kind, loving, Christlike, patient, and trustworthy. Since that day Megan has been my best friend, she is the sister I never had and her AMAZING family is like a second family to me.

After that semester at Utah State, we went our separate ways on missions. We kept in touch while we were gone and at the end of our missions decided to room together at BYU. Our time together at BYU was full of laughs, dance parties, chicken nugget runs, tears, long long long drives to Taylor Swift, and so much more. I saw Megan and her saddest moments and I also saw Megan at her most joyful moments, and this is where Thomas comes in.

After Megan and Thomas went on their first date I knew it was a done deal. She came home sooooo giddy and I just had a feeling this was it. Me being myself was a little skeptical at first. Megan asked me what I thought of Thomas and I told her I gave him a solid C. Average. But we all knew Thomas wasn't average, Thomas was everything Megan needed. But as the best friend, I was sad to know that Thomas was going to in a way take my best friend away from me so I gave him a C. This didn't last long because we all figured out rather quickly how great Thomas was. He was our 5th roommate, he happily came along to get chicken nuggets with me and Megan. He gave me dating advice and was always interested in my life. Thomas brings out the best in Megan and truly highlights all of her wonderful qualities that make her who she is. They make each other better, and I've never seen Megan happier.

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect. The joy that was felt in the sealing room of the St. George temple was immeasurable. I could see how happy they were to finally be sealing the deal for eternity. Megan honestly became family to me over the years and knowing that she was getting Thomas was the best thing that could have happened. He truly loves Megan for everything that she is, and I am so glad they found each other.

Oh not to mention they threw a killer dance party at the reception, holla at DJ Marianne. :) Thanks for being my best friend Megs, even though you're married I plan on many more nugget runs and long T Swift drives, because even though you're married I'm still planning on showing up at your house and sitting on your couch for hours on end. 143. :)